Ehituskonsult Grupp turned 18!

We have been on market for 18 years! Found and solved problems in construction, answered questions and helped make Your home comfortable, beautiful and safe. Thank you for choosing  us!

What is energy audit?

Energy audit is an analysis that helps to determine how the energy is being utilized; what are the ways to reduce the amount of its input without negatively affecting the output. Energy audit gives an overview of the technical condition of the building and reveals the amount of energy wasted from it...

We are rated AA

According to the results of the 2014 fiscal year, our Company was rated as- "very good" (AA). Rating Krediidiinfo is an assessment, assigned to the enterprises based on their economic, financial and taxation indicators. AS Krediidiinfo is a subsidiary of the world's leading credit information group Experian.

We opened an office in saint-petersburg

We are glad to inform You, that our Company opened an office in Saint-Petersburg. Location: Russia, St. Petersburg, Bolshoi prospect, Vasilievsky isalnd, bldg.84, 25-H. Official representative of Ehituskonsult Grupp in Saint-Petersburg and the region: Alexei Alexandrov, phone: +7 (921) 935-68-74.

Answers to reader questions by

ANTON SLEPUKHIN 's  ANSWERS  TO THE READERS QUESTIONS  FOR ESTONIAN NATIONAL BROADCASTING CORPORATION (RUS.ERR.EE). How to prevent a construction mistake, and who is responsible for making them? How to choose and install proper ventilation and heating  systems to optimize the best living quality of the building? These and other questions...

Raadio 4 interview

When do you need to consider to order construction and repair work or not? How to choose the right construction company? How to prevent imperfections on the facade or mold appearing on the entrance and apartment walls? To these and other construction related questions Manager of OÜ Ehituskonsult Grupp Anton...