From the very start there should be careful attention payed to the work performed at the object, so that the materials could last longer and retain their original quality for years.The external or internal facing could be maintained and replaced quite easily, however in case of the internal construction parts there would have been encountered great difficulties during such processes.

Moreover, replacement of the internal construction parts is very costly. As the walling materials are not visible, they are very easy to save the money on during the construction phase, in other words, the customer can be fooled. There is no doubt that such mistake can be made also due to the lack of knowledge.

Here are some examples of the construction mistakes consequences and the reasons explained for them:

PHOTOS 1, 2, 3. When identifying the reasons of the cracks in the ceiling of the bay window of an apartment, it was revealed that due to the years of the leaks from the balcony located above, the system of the reinforcement became completely rotted. If this problem wouldn’t have been identified on time, the collapse of the construction could have lead to the tragic consequences.

PHOTOS 4, 5. Technological mistakes and improper use of the materials during the insulation of the facade can lead to the crumble of the plaster layer and deterioration of the general walls’ condition.

PHOTO 6. Faults in the technology during construction of the floor in a private house has lead to the fact that the floor support became rotted. As a result, the floor has dipped and there have formed mold and fungus.

PHOTO 7. Unauthorized aperture in the bearing wall of the panel apartment house has lead to the breakdown in the joints, instability and softening of the building structures, which eventually resulted in a shift of the wall panels.

PHOTO 8. The roof of the apartment house was completely ripped off due to the storm wind. The expertise carried out by our specialists has shown that the reason of the accident was the mistakes made during the renovation of the rooftop a few years ago.

PHOTO 9, 10, 11. Irregularity of the indoor environment and replanning of the apartment have lead to the growth of fungus and mold, dangerous for health.