Construction management is a representation of the interests of the customer in all phases of construction, starting from the preparatory work and ending with the delivery of an object at the operation.

The service includes:

  • Organization of the pre-construction work,- defining the technical tasks; obtaining necessary permits and approvals; assisting in the preparation and carrying out the competition for the design and construction tenders, as well as preparing and concluding the contracts.
  • Organization and exchange of the information between the contractor, the designer and the customer.
  • Identification of the inspection gaps of the structure and organization of the maintenance work to eliminate them.
  • Control of the timetable for the project.
  • Photo- and video-protocol implementation.
  • Implementation of the agreements with the regulatory authorities.
  • Delivery of the object to the operation stage.


Service management of the construction projects.

Usually for the small objects it is not profitable to hire the main contractor because the small construction companies do not have the staff with all the necessary qualifications (such as bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, etc). Such personnel is hired from the side, what ultimately results in higher expenses for the customer. If the contract is signed with the small specialized companies or with the small teams, there is a problem of their correct interaction on the site.
The service management of the construction projects, offered by our Company is based on the fact that the customer enters into the direct contract with the contractors. Our Company takes control not only over the construction supervision, but over the entire construction process (starting with the delivery of the construction materials and the necessary equipment and ending with the delivery of the object to the customer).
Our specialists ensure the representation of all the interests of our clients, ranging from the technical issues to the problems elimination in case of the conflicts and/or malfunctions.
The customer pays the fee directly to the specialized contractors and in addition pays only a fixed management fee.
The entire organization process is carried out on the Internet.
Through our website the customer can see all the participants of the construction process, as well as the project schedules and executive documentation. It allows our client to be anywhere in the World and still have the possibility to follow up the ongoing processes on the object.

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Representing the Clients’ Interests.

Assistance in the preparation of the documents necessary for the commissioning of the objects.