Thermography helps to obtain the thermal stability estimation of the buildings and conditions of the technical systems, without the need to open up the constructions. Therefore the given method gives rather cheap possibility to detect the leaks and malfunctions.

What is thermal inspection? 

The main task of the thermal inspection is to detect the leaks and to control the thermal insulation of the exterior surfaces. Infrared (thermal) camera measures the surface temperature which is then displayed in form of colors on the camera display or on the printed picture.

Experts analyzing the results can provide specific recommendations to eliminate the identified deficiencies. Even in the difficult cases, when the source of the heat loss cannot be determined with the naked eye (cracks in the walls, roof or foundation), the method of the thermography helps to quickly detect such damages.

Infrared images provide an invaluable service when planning the reconstruction of the buildings and even prior to construction provides a good basis for designers, helping to reduce construction costs.

Thermography helps to identify construction errors or deficiencies, for example, to detect heat loss in the buildings, structures and heating mains, loose or improperly installed windows and doors.

Moreover, using thermography can establish the central location of pipes and underfloor heating, as well as identify leaks within building structures. It is very handy in checking the electric boards and various electric devices in terms of their operation (bad contact, overheated safety locks etc.).

Detected heat leakage from the front of a private house.

Detected, as a result of inspection, defect of window installation.

Heat losses through a site of a building socle.

Detected, as a result of inspection, defect of the window.