Organization of the Tenders for Construction.

Having no knowledge of the building standards and no experience in the construction itself, it is tidious for the owner of the object to carry out the competition to choose the right construction company. In the construction offer it is not only the price what matters, but also the way it takes into account all the necessary materials and labor input for the hight quality work operation.

We offer to our clients the organization of the competition for the construction tenders, which contains:

  • Formation of the technical tasks based on the project or the building standards.
  • Consideration of the received offers.
  • Assistance for the establishment of the contracts.

The competition can be realized by means of the Internet.

The invitation to the construction companies for the competition is published on our website.
There can be found the project tasks and the relevant documentation. Access to the documents is open to all of the contestants, who can post their comments or write messages regarding the project. The customer has an access to the list of all the participants and is able to see the time of the received project offers.
After the contest is closed, our specialists compile a report, which is published on the website. Such system gives a guarantee that the competition will be conducted fairly and on time.