We make a Building Expertise (Building audit) in the following cases

(According to the Estonian Ministry of Economy and Communications regulation from 12.10.2020 nr. 61 „Building Audit Arrangements”):

  • Before the reconstruction, total repair, purchasing or sale of the building.
  • For the evaluation of the technical condition of the objects before commisioning.
  • To reveal the reasons of the failures and the amount of the damage caused to the civil object, for instance due to the fire, flood, etc.
  • In case of disagreements between the customers and the contractors in terms of the amounts, quality and costs of the work.
  • In order to detect defects in design, communications, construction defects, as well as determining the causes ofmold and fungus in the premises and structures of building.
  • In order to detect defects in the heating, air conditioning or ventilation systems.
  • To define the real construction (repair) volumes and make independent estimate for the given work.

What the building expertise is necessary for.

  1. To estimate the technical condition of the building; for the definition of the qualitative and quantitative properties and for the assessment of the building objects’ current condition. Besides, technical inspection allows to study the ongoing processes taking place in the construction parts of the buildings. It reveals the actual operational properties of the buildings’ materials and analyzes their conformity to the technical requirements.
  2. If a building was constructed without preparation of the as-built documentation, or it was abscent for any other reason, then to obtain a permisson for the commisioning of this building it is necessary to conduct a full technical examination of the object.
    Such examination shows how well the building meets the project plan, building and safety regulations, as well as how safe it will be during the operation.
  3. In case of damages сaused to the ensured property and in case of a dispute with the insurance company or with the causer of the damage, the expertise helps to make an independent estimation of the indemnity and resolve the conflict in the most effective way.
  4. To eliminate disagreements between the contractor and the customer; to solve the conflicts between the neighbours; during the lawsuit and during the conclusion of the insurance agreement. According to the measurements, investigations, engineering calculations and expertise of the building materials, the expert reveals malfunction of the technical operations; failure to comply with the regulatory documents and the project’s decisions discrepancy. All the work done is precisely recorded in the expert report.
  5. To evaluate the technical condition of the real estate.
  6. To identify the causes of the mold and fungus contamination on the surfaces of the walls, floors, ceilings and inside the building structures. The technical report containing recommendations on the measures to eliminate the causes of the existing contaminations is formed, based on the results of the inspection.
  7. In case of the problems in the operation of the heating, air-conditioning or ventilation systems, the engineer will make inspection of the systems and the equipment and provide the necessary guidance for the maintenance work.
  8. For the estimates analysis, which includes:
  • Actual necessity control of all works declared in the estimate.
  • Actual necessity control of building materials declared in the estimate.
  • Control of material quantities and the amount of the work declared in the estimate.